Our Services

System Engineering

Ranging from technology feasibility studies, to detailed existing project review, to support for Patent applications, we have had experience in taking projects from vague ideas to successful commercial implementation.

Electronics Design

From a sketch on a piece of paper through to compliance testing and mass production, ILR has delivered hundreds of electronic designs, with production runs ranging from three units total to hundreds of thousands of devices. Extremely low power, battery operated, solar, industrial temperature – we’ve done it (almost) all. ILR has prototyping and short run manufacturing facilities in-house, and works with a variety of contract manufacturers in New Zealand, Australia and Asia to deliver the best solution for our customers.

Software Design

From the smallest 8 bit microprocessor, to 32 and 64 bit DSPs and Systems on Chip, to mobile apps, to cloud computing with AWS and Google Cloud Platform, ILR covers all aspects of software design. Projects with Machine Learning, AI, audio and video Digital Signal Processing, payments and analytics delivering real results. Emphasising reliability, repeatability, longevity and scalability, our software continues to be used in mission critical applications, and has supported billions of dollars of processed electronic transactions.

FPGA Design

Having delivered FPGA implementations in audio and video processing, ILR can advise on, and implement FPGA based systems.

Wired and Wireless Communications Systems

Zigbee, Cellular, Bluetooth Classic, WiFi, GPS / GNSS, 900MHz ISM, LoRa, RS-485, CAN, Ethernet, GMSL, UWB, USB, BTLE, narrow band VHF / UHF. If it’s a communications standard, we’ve likely worked with it!

Enclosure Design

In house design of enclosures for the electronics we create, with prototyping in-house. Tight integration of electronic and mechanical CAD results in products that fit.

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