What we do

We have expertise in electronics design and manufacture, embedded software engineering, programming, databases, Internet and wireless connectivity, global positioning and tracking, product development and modification, transfer of existing electronic systems into an Internet, wireless or GPS environment, and business analysis.

Specific business challenges we address include situations where clients need a designed engineering solution that:

  • is the most cost-effective solution for a particular engineering problem
  • is needed in a tight timeframe
  • maximises the value they can draw from a proposed product
  • develops a new product or modifies an existing product for a new market
  • evolves an obsolete product to the new needs of the market
  • proves a concept for prospective investors
  • supports a business going through an innovation and development phase
  • runs on the best platform for the job, including Linux and Windows

Our skills include:

  • hardware and software design specialising in embedded systems
  • programmable logic / Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) in VHDL/AHDL
  • PCB layout and design for manufacture
  • DSP
  • analog and power supply design
  • distributed systems
  • Windows kernel and driver development

We have the standard suite of underpinning skills including Windows programming, programming for the Internet, and project and risk management.

Because we understand manufacturing and production, we can redesign components that have become obsolete or are too expensive, involve a high minimum production run or must be imported from overseas.

We have also had experience in ISO environments and have achieved international certifications such as CE, C-tick and NEBS/Bellcore.