Recent Projects

Hardware platform

An electronics manufacturer was using a component that no longer worked in the product they made and couldn't be fixed because it was no longer supported. They asked ILR to redesign the subsystem that used the component so that it was:

Because we solved this problem ahead of schedule, the client was able to use our services to further rejuvenate the product through added features they would not have been able to include otherwise.

Wireless network product

A client skilled in software design took on ILR to manage the hardware design of the product. They had an idea of what they needed but did not have the specialised skills or time to design the hardware properly.

ILR quickly designed a solution that was simply framed in spite of its complexity and accurately addressed the core problem. Working with the engineering team we then used rapid prototyping to solve small components of the problem at a time.

Image processing hardware

This project involved the development of image processing hardware for Food and Drug Administration approval in the United States.

Other projects

Other projects that give an overview of our skills include:

The clients in these highly sensitive projects are available to provide testimonials where appropriate - please contact us to arrange an introduction.