Our approach

ILR's approach combines straightforward business thinking with multi-disciplinary electronics, manufacturing and software expertise.

One of the key differences between our approach and that of typical design engineers is our ability to quickly pin the engineering problem down and bring the solution into sharp focus. We investigate problems, risks and opportunities from technical, financial and production perspectives, and then work with the engineering team to create prototypes that are compatible with these points of view.

We focus on the desired outcome or result and the manufacturability of the product with an understanding of what resources you can afford to devote to making the solution work in the marketplace. If your idea is feasible, we will make it work. If it is not feasible, you can trust us to tell you upfront.

Your production and marketing requirements are designed into our solutions, and we bring representatives of these disciplines into the design process early.

We also treat confidentiality with the respect it deserves. Most of our clients projects are commercially sensitive and we have structures in place to protect the confidential nature of such projects.